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Girls Gotta Run

Late last year, I learned of an organisation called Girls Gotta Run Foundation who are doing some incredible work empowering girls in Ethiopia through

Top Running Tights

As we come into Autumn, it’s surely time to treat ourselves to some new workout gear. As you know, I love a funky running

Marathon Tips

Edinburgh Marathon is coming up on Sunday – a favourite among many on the marathon circuit. I have one friend who did it last year

Training With Chronic Pain

Guest Post My name is Jo Gifford – designer, writer, blogger, novice runner and endo warrior. I have chronic endometriosis and chronic fatigue; I

Motivation: 2

Remember during your next workout, when you feel sweaty, messy and pumped – celebrate it. Each drop of sweat makes you more badass. Be

Review: Krav Maga

When I dragged my ass off the couch a few years ago to get active again, my first port of call was boxing. I

Style Icon: Flo Jo

There hasn’t been anyone quite like her before or since. Today we’re feeling a little nostalgic for the true track STAR that was Flo Jo.

Review: Bootcamp Pilates

A reader recently brought to my attention a ‘Race Training Class’ going on at Bootcamp Pilates. Eager to learn more, I booked myself in

Women Fitness: The Myth

I wrote this post on my other blog Bangs and a Bun back in November and essentially, this is where the idea for Spikes

Pro Focus: Fawn Dorr

Twitter has given us access to the minds of some great athletes. Any of you following US track and field star Fawn Dorr on there most

Women & Weights

Gasp, if the thought of even entering the testosterone filled weights room has you perspiring more than a 15 minute stint in the sauna,