Robin Arzon: I Want to be Your Best Friend!

Is this woman the coolest ever — or what? 

Seriously, could she save some swag, talent, and intelligence for the rest of us?! 

Color me a little bit jealous and a lot a bit wowed!

Robin is the Bomb – Dot – Freakin’ – Com

Born and raised by a Cuban, immigrant mother and Puerto Rican, immigrant father, she was gifted with amazing examples from her parents. 

Her mother learned English by watching PBS and went on to be a doctor. 

Robin modeled after her father, who was a lawyer, and went to law school and practiced for many years.

During her law career she got super involved in running then fitness – It captivated all her attention, so after 7 years she shifted her career. 

Because of her upbringing, she wasn’t encouraged to partake in extracurricular activities. Rather, she was taught to value education and family above all else. 

Would you have ever guessed someone who is all fitness all the time was never in sports as a child?

If what they say is true — “You are the average of the 5 people you are around most” — then I want all five to be her or like her – Kind of joking, kind of not.

What’s With Robin Arzon

If you take a peek at her Insta, you’ll immediately know why I am mind blown by her.
The woman is a total badass — she seems to have unlimited bravery, confidence, and grit to overcome challenges. 

Robin is stunning inside and out. 

This is made clear by her unshakeable drive to pursue her goals, career, and own her healing process.

It Started with an Unforgettable Event

Her entrance into running was all that joyful though. 

A near death experience triggered her desire — nay, her NEED — to run.
Shortly after her college graduation in 2002, she was in a bar in New York City’s East Village when a man armed with pistols took 40 of the patrons hostage. 

Robin was held by her hair at gunpoint. 

Healing Process

Robin Arzon Running
Robin Arzon Running

Running saved her as it was a way for her to process her feelings and thoughts.

It created space for her to heal from that NYC nightmare.

It was — and is — her therapy. 

She started with a 10k. That turned into marathons which turned into ultramarathons. 

Since that first 10k, she has run over 50 races, including 25 marathons, three 50-mile ultramarathons, and one 100-mile race.

If you want to try joining a marathon, I have an article to help you train for a marathon.

Robin Running

When she signed up for that 10k, she didn’t even know how far it was… she just ran.

How incredible that her focus and drive to get out of her head perpetuated finishing a 6 mile long race! 

She didn’t know the mileage but it helped her clear her mind. 

Because her running hobby quickly transformed into marathons and then ultramarathon races and totally changed her life, she began to speak out about the power of running, health and fitness. 

Notably, she ran for MS Run the US in 2015, in honor of her mom, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1999. 

MS Run the US

MS Run the US is a nonprofit that raises money to research a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

It was founded by Ashley Schneider in honor of her mom, Jill Kumlien who passed of Multiple Sclerosis but otherwise lived a happy, active life. 

When Ashley started the organization, she ran from San Francisco to New York City over the course of 6-months.

She set out with the goal of running a marathon or a little more every day to make it in that amount of time. 

Since the inception of MS Run the US, the run across the United States has become a relay run that includes multiple runners.

Each runner takes a chunk of the states and runs a marathon or a bit more for a stretch of about 5 days. 

A Running Film

Run It Out Film Trailer

When Robin completed this noble feat in 2015, she decidedly filmed her progress to document her journey, thoughts, emotions, reasons for running, motivation for others, and more. 

The documentary, Run It Out, follows her journey across Utah. 

Robin’s highest message is about following your dreams and not allowing the past to impede your present or future. 

Run It Out is about empowering women to live their best lives and how running can be a mode for: healing, personal breakthroughs, strength, community, and impacting the greater good. 

A Running Book

Robin believes so strongly in the power of running that she wrote a book all about it.

Shut Up and Run is touted by other ultra runners like Rich Roll — it’s that good. 

In the book, she details the perks of running.

Training programs are outlined. Pro tips and trips are shared. Insider stories from Robin’s run are told comically and for serious consideration. Fashion sense for running is highlighted. 

If you didn’t run before reading the book or seeing the documentary, try your luck at the intoxicating and self-confidence building sport. 

Robin’s perspective is so genuine that it makes running seem tangible and exciting. 

Running-focus Turned Fitness

About 10 years into her running career, Robin shifted her focus to include all that fitness and health offer.

She left her lawyer job and took a position writing about fitness for various magazines and publications. 

Becoming an Instructor

When the indoor cycling champ, Peloton, emerged, Robin reached out to the company to get involved as an instructor. 

Passionate, driven, and highly intelligent, she quickly became a cornerstone in the company and was promoted to Lead Instructor and Head of Programming.

Robin is now the Vice President of Fitness Programming as well as a Lead Instructor.

Running and fitness completely transformed Robin’s career and it showcases that purpose really is important! 

#Fitspo Influencer

Hyped Up Wearing Pride Colors

Working with Peloton helped catapult her reach as a fitness influencer through their services on Instagram.

Robin simply oozes inspiration and motivation.

And she is so credentialed — it’s obvious why her name shines in fitness-industry lights. 

Her message and persona is so lively, positive, and encouraging. 

Resonance with Robin

As an ex-business consultant and yoga instructor myself,

Robin is an ideal role model for me. In fact, it’s exactly the type of personal and professional transition I am hoping to make. 

This year, I decided to follow my heart (Robin would be so proud!), leave my 9-5 office job, and pursue my passions in wellness and fitness

For years, I have wanted to get into health coaching and fitness modeling and compete at a high level in bodybuilding.

While business consulting seems smart, profitable, and secure, it wasn’t 100% for me. I enjoyed my positions andI love business strategy and working with executives – I knew I was living someone else’s dream. It was now or never to start making the switch.

Fitness is a Game Changer

Like Robin, fitness changed my life and saved me from a life of partying too much and never making any specific life moves in career, love, or finances. 

Fitness healed me from heartbreak, perpetuated personal growth, made space for me to accept myself fully, and offered mental health clarity and joy that I can barely describe. 

Fitness is a magic that once incorporated into your routine it positively impacts the rest of your life.

Helping Others

I want to be a champion and ambassador in fitness for others.

I am absolutely confident it will change their lives too. 

It doesn’t have to be a 180 degree change.

Not everyone needs to make a major career switch or be competitive in their fitness pursuits. 

However, good nutrition, health routines, and fitness regimens are amazing supplements to all other goals in life – It creates a good framework from which to build and operate from.

The habits that health and fitness reinforce affect your mood, belief in yourself, and the amount of positive energy and outlook you have for the day

What didn’t seem possible, is now possible. Priorities, boundaries, the lifestyle you aspire to, and the steps to get to your happiest, highest self become clear.

That is the best gift that I could contribute to others — leave them feeling empowered about who they are and what they can be! 

As I embark on my own journey to inspire others and find my voice in the fitness industry, I am totally wanting to mirror Robin’s energy and follow in similar footsteps. 

Empowering, Educating, and Inspiring Ladies

Robin Arzon with Madame Gandhi

On Robin’s social channel she shares brilliant perspectives about women’s empowerment and self-acceptance.

She also promotes health as a lifestyle and a mindset.

Sometimes, you will even get a recipe that she tried out in her kitchen recently. 

One of my favorite parts of scrolling through her Instagram is seeing her style. It’s so bomb!


She’s so beautiful and happy!
Her hair is unique and done up in athletic, but trendy hairdos.

She chooses the most bold lip colors.

Her clothes are colorful and a clear reflection of her bubbly personality. 

It’s clear that she is living her best life and inviting others to come along.

Robin, I want to come along and be at the party with you! Yes. Please. I bet it’s awesome! 

It seems like she has one of those personalities that is contagious and effervescent in the best way.

It has to be a blast when you’re with her. 

Note to self: Check out a class with Robin Arzon online ASAP. 

#LifeGoals Role Model

Robin is an overcomer and an unbelievably cool one that makes you feel like you can do it too. 

A Diagnosis to Defeat

She pushed past a not-so-privileged childhood, the NYC bar hostage event, career transitions, and challenging her body to perform for longer and longer distances.

Then, most recently, she was also hit with a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. 

Of course, she manages it with a healthy lifestyle. 

As she is an advocate for health and wellness, she serves on a board for Leadership Council of Beyond Type One which raises awareness for the disease diabetes.

Not an Average Human

Robin Arzon Cycling Class
Robin Arzon Cycling Class

Everything about her absolutely SCREAMS extraordinary. 

She’s so extraordinary that her participation in the magazine entitled, Undo Ordinary, comes as no surprise.

It resonates with her heritage and also her outlook on life. 

What is Undo Ordinary?

Undo Ordinary is created by athletes, influencers, artists, and other creatives and it’s super visual.

Topics range from nutrition, mental health, physical health, fitness, community and fashion. Each issue is thematic and intended to be everlasting content that inspires others beyond their limits. 

Be Rockin’ like Robin

Robin is amazing on so many fronts.

How is one individual so talented and capable at her endeavors and cheering others on.

She is absolutely amazing, stunning, and inspirational. 

Her whole life trajectory is spectacular.

Following Your Passion

She is proof that you can do whatever you set your heart to. And proof that it is never too late to begin again and work in an industry that you are passionate about! 

It seems that the biggest key for her was to follow her intuition and get ballsy. She tapped into her intelligence, network, and personal passions to create her dream career. 

Sharing The Inspiration

Robin tries to get involved with organizations and activities that inspire her to inspire others.

I don’t know what you think, but people who follow their heart are so incredible to me. It feels like if she can do it, I can do it! 

What an inspiration coming from small beginnings and becoming this total powerhouse!

In the meantime, hit me up and let me know your thoughts on Robin and who or what inspires YOU to be your best.

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